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Conversion Tuning

When you take advantage of econda specialists’ web-analytics expertise, you and your online presence will profit. Thanks to econda Conversion Tuning, your online shop or website will be optimized continuously and the conversion rate will rise steadily.

Benefits of Conversion Tuning:

  • Boost your conversion rate by as much as 20%
  • Maximize return on your investment
  • Save time regarding analyses and improvements
  • Tap the full potential of web analytics
  • Prevent the proverbial blinders regarding in-house shortcomings
  • Better security via early warnings triggered by critical developments

Sequence of optimization consulting

Prozessschaubild Conversion Tuning
Process Conversion Tuning

Conversion Tuning is a step-by-step process designed to continuously optimize your web presence.

  1. Your very own contact person will help you analyze the web-analytics data in the econda Monitor. He will employ his expertise to help quickly identify anything conspicuous or potential stumbling blocks for visitors to your online shop or website.
  2. You will then jointly examine the web-analytics check of your web presence. Usability optimization will provide additional insights.
  3. Your web-analytics expert will help you create an optimization strategy precisely tailored to your business goals and specifications.
  4. This will identify opportunities for further enhancing your web presence.

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