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Higher sales shortly after integrating

Increased customer value thanks to recommendations

Higher sales due to cross-selling and up-selling

A powerful e-commerce solution, econda Cross Sell offers a remarkably broad range of opportunities concerning re-marketing and recommendations. Our customers regularly enjoy significant increases in sales shortly after integrating econda.

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“We operate more than 3,000 brick-and-mortar stores in 22 countries as well as eight online shops. Thanks to econda Cross Sell, suitable products are always suggested to our online-shop visitors. And it’s easy to quickly implement econda Cross Sell.
Christian Hackel, head of International Marketing
at Deichmann SE

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“You might also like” recommendations
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"Other customers also bought " recommendations

Possible uses for recommendations

Recommendation widgets

  • Product recommendations on product pages, in shopping carts or on the “Thanks” page
  • “Impulse items” at checkout
  • Suitable accessories
  • Expert recommendations
  • and much more


Business widgets

  • Top sellers
  • Bargains
  • New items
  • High-margin products
  • Closeout items
  • Articles at high inventory levels


Personalized recommendation e-mailings

Encourage purchases by including Cross Sell product recommendations in e-mailings and on landing pages. econda maintains close partnerships with e-mailing services which facilitate data exchange by means of e-mailing plug-ins.

  • Buy recommendations via newsletter
  • Abandoned-transaction e-mailings
  • Reactivation with recommendation
  • Individual new products

Product recommendations via category-specific display of
cross-selling articles

  • Category-sensitive blacklists
  • Global filters
  • Category-sensitive whitelists
  • Sorting/Prioritization

Re-marketing Widgets

Display of personalized recommendations for return visitors on: 

  • Home page
  • Category page
  • Or other content pages