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econda Cross Sell functions

High-performance recommendation engine

Cross Sell Analyses
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econda Cross Sell is an innovative recommendation engine for e-commerce. Online-shop visitors not only are shown product recommendations but also get the very best incentives to buy. econda offers operators of online shops an easy-to-implement, readily adaptable, and high-performing solution for cross-selling and up-selling.

Input data for standard calculations

  • Various data sources possible (product data, inventories, product ratings, etc.)
  • High-quality product recommendations thanks to raw web-analytics data
  • Fully automatic evaluations of customers’/visitors’ activity
  • Advanced re-marketing techniques, e.g. customer history or behavior profiles

Data import in Cross Sell

  • Automated import
  • Time-controlled and ad hoc updating
  • Input-data validation with protocol

Recommendation rules and algorithms

  • Self-learning data-mining algorithms
  • No gaps concerning new products or changes in offerings
  • Intelligent pattern recognition for optimization of recommendations
  • Checks via testing and preview of results in the Cross Sell interface

Configuration of system of rules

  • Freely definable systems of rules
  • Complete control over recommendations
  • Context-specific recommendations possible
  • Score modifications for lower or higher weighting
  • Control function with blacklisting and whitelisting

 Configuration of recommendation widgets

  • E-commerce widgets, pre-configured and/or 100% self-created
  • Existing website design utilizable for recommendation widgets
  • Targeted inclusion of certain widgets for certain visitor segments

Provision of recommendation widget

  • Widgets hosted on high-performance econda servers in the cloud
  • Redundant failover capability with fallback mechanisms
  • Simple incorporation of recommendation widget