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Cross Sell integration

Recommendations: fast and professional

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Create recommendation rules easily

econda Cross Sell is a unique ASP solution which can be integrated within any standard shop system in just two steps. First upload the product data and then integrate the widgets in your shop. You can use the management interface to conveniently configure additional settings.

A quick start also offers these advantages:

  • Account is set up within just one business day
  • One-time integration of Cross Sell code in your shop; no manual maintenance required
  • No in-house IT required for operations

Integration of recommendations

Importing product data and recommendation data

econda Cross Sell recommendations are distinguished by their unsurpassed quality. This is ensured by the import of a very broad range of data sources, regular updates, and input-data validation.

Exporting recommendations

The export of product data is similar to that which you send to, for example, product portals. It is not necessary to install Cross Sell on customer servers; all necessary algorithms are calculated on high-performance econda servers. Rules and recommendations are conveniently incorporated in the shop via web service.

Please watch the Benefits of Cross Sell presentation and then contact us for more information.