We want to be the leading provider in European data driven e-commerce.


One-of-a-kind solutions for long-term success in e-commerce.
econda employs high-end web analytics and consulting expertise to help its customers maximize their long-term success in e-commerce. Our cutting-edge technologies make the econda Monitor an unrivaled data headquarters for e-commerce.

We set challenging goals for ourselves and enjoy the journey toward them. In an atmosphere which promotes success and is always aligned with our company values.


Joint long-term success.
We feel that sustainability throughout our company is a cornerstone of our success.

We ensure long-term business relationships by working closely with our customers to reach our defined targets. Mutual respect, trust, and esteem characterize interactions among econda employees as well as with our customers and partners.

We are also committed to our corporate social responsibility. Toward our employees and their families, in part to ensure their long-term contentment. Via positions for apprentices. And our commitment to charity.

We are aware that economic success allows us to honor our values.