Technology Partners

Data-Driven E-Commerce: Integrated swiftly and simply

Thanks to perfect interweaving with online-shop software and CMS as well as a wide range of open interfaces, econda technologies can be integrated into your online presence quickly and easily. Implementation is therefore quick and you can soon start benefitting from professional data-driven e-commerce.

Numerous technology providers collaborate with econda, the specialized partner for data-driven e-commerce. econda online-shop and system partners offer high-quality systems and solutions for a remarkable variety of business models in e-commerce. They also supply standard interfaces to all major third-party systems. econda and its partners maintain these interfaces following release changes, as well. Mutual customers can thus quickly and easily integrate econda technologies as well as depend on the reliable exchange of data.

Several of our technology partners are represented in the econda Monitor by means of their own e-commerce plug-ins. They facilitate—in some instances via two-way data exchange—the easy collection of performance data as well as the supplying of optimization data and targeting data.