Web Analytics for Every Scenario

High-end web analytics by econda

The econda family of web-analytics products offers tailored web-analytics solutions for every business model: from online shops and company websites through online or full-service agencies to complex portals and affiliate networks. Standard interfaces and intelligently pre-configured reports facilitate a speedy start and econda´s high-end tracking technology makes it possible to create one's own analyses and segmentations flexibly. Everything is 100% compliant with data-protection legislation and performance is lightning-fast even when data volumes are immense.

For these reasons and others, IdealObserver has ranked econda in the Top Five of web-analytics tools for years. econda is also the most popular commercial web-analytics solution among Germany's Top 100 online retailers (according to the 2011 rankings by VDH/VH).

Shop Monitor

High-end web analytics for online shops: Analyses of buying processes, marketing, and products ... the Shop Monitor is easy to activate and addresses all key concerns that online retailers have – including conversion optimization and higher sales.

Site Monitor

Web analytics for company websites and portals: The Site Monitor allows you to reliably identify visitors´ interests as well as potential for optimizing your e-business and online-marketing campaigns.

Click Monitor

Usability tracking at a glance: The Click Monitor visually depicts visitors´ behavior and their click behavior in the form of heat maps, click maps, etc. View your website through the eyes of your visitors.