Site Monitor

First Class Web Controlling

The Site Monitor provides all the analyses needed for a professional web presence: extensive assessments of online-marketing campaigns (SEO, SEA, multichannel, display, AdSense, etc.), e-mail marketing, content analyses, click paths, and visitor paths. All in real time and 100% compliant with data-protection laws. In real time, the econda Site Monitor supplies the analyses critical to continuous profit optimization and the long-term achievement of targets.

Site Monitor Dashboard Screenshot
Site Monitor Dashboard

And thanks to econda r.a.c.e. technology, you have a solid raw-data basis – even for high-traffic websites and with no downsampling.

Web analytics for every purpose

Web analytics for portals and publishers

With the econda Site Monitor, portals and publishers also benefit from the following:

1. Extensive and flexible assessments of internal advertising media (on-site campaigns)

  • Assessment of view events and CTRs
  • Definition and assessment of additional attributes
  • Via issuance of a tracking request or importing of metadata
  • Connection can be created to all other dimensions of web analytics

2. Extensive and flexible assessment of external advertising media (display, AdSense, etc.)

  • CTRs of all display advertising media via tracking requests from ad servers
  • CTRs of AdSense campaigns and other AdSense attributes
  • Optimal design and placement of advertising media

Web analytics for price comparators

A lot of price comparators use econda. In addition to Site Monitor analyses, price comparators can supply the following services:

  • Determine click-out revenue as per product, merchant, category, brand, etc.
  • Optimize arbitrage transactions with click-out revenue per channel and campaign
  • Comprehensive assessments of merchants
  • Analysis of price quotes:
    • Definition of quote attributes (merchant ID, quote ID, product ID, quoted price for analyzing trends in quoted prices, etc.)
    • Flexible assessment of external advertising media such as displays and Google AdSense

Web analytics for publishing houses and newspapers

The Site Monitor supplies publishing houses and newspapers not only with all the essential web-analytics KPIs but also special functions such as:

  • Assessments with respect to content, articles, authors, and other dimensions
  • Content brokering via live analyses and placements by Click Monitor
  • All items/titles/offerings in a single system, including cross and supplier efficiency
  • One-of-a-kind plug-in for importing and analyzing IVW and AGOF data
    Pre-defined rights / user groups: Webmasters, authors, people in charge

Web analytics for contractors and service providers

Contractors and service providers utilize Site Monitor to tailor their offerings to their respective visitors’ interests. They receive analyses of items such as:

  • Identification of users’and visitors’ interests by means of content analyses
  • Workflow optimization with click paths and flexible funnels
  • Assessments of contact form
  • Extensive assessments of log-in area
  • Assessments of all brand touchpoints (brand contacts)
    • On a company’s website and its own microsites
    • In social communities (Facebook marketing, Twitter, etc.)
    • With view analysis and post-view measuring for display, upon request
  • Identification of users’ interests as basis for e-mail remarketing, offsite targeting or CRM campaigns

Integrate web analytics and get started right away

The Site Monitor can be used on any website and with any CMS. Particularly fast and easy integration is made possible by pre-programmed and open interfaces. Immediately after activation, you will receive perfectly pre-configured analyses; you can also create your own analyses. The intuitive interface and innovative tracking technology provide you with a wealth of opportunities for combining and filtering. ?The Site Monitor makes sure that you cannot go wrong. After all, thanks to a low-risk outlay and ongoing consulting, you will be in complete control and benefit from data sovereignty.